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Parents can enroll their children any time during the year. We have limited availability for infants in certain locations. We offer full-day, half day mornings and half-day afternoon for 5 days week. Your enrollment is a contract. However, we do not bind parents under a long term contract. We do require a 1 calendar month advance notice. For example, if you want to leave in March, you must notify us by January 31. And if you want to leave in September, you must notify us by July 31. If you fail to advance provide notice we reserve the right to charge you tuition for the following month. This helps waitlisted parents plan better for their children.

Enrollment is for specific days and times

Enrollment is only for specific days and times. If you choose to change the days and times, we will impose an administrative fee of $45 per change. For example, if you are 3 days a week and switch days from M,W,F to M,W,Th, we will charge you the administrative fee. If you switch back to M,W,F, there will be another adminitrative fee. We do not allow make up days for part-timers. For example, if you miss a day - say Wednesday - you may not come on Thursday if your contract does not permit. This helps us mange our classes in a more efficient way. It is best to consult with the director and via email.

Registration is for continuous period

Your registration is valid for continuous enrollment. If you give a 30-day notice of withdrawal and return after vacation, you will be required to pay registration fee again. Any unpaid breaks, for whatever reason it may be, require payment of re-registration fee.

Special note for afternoon session

From time to time we run promotions for the daily afternoon session. Please contact the director for more information. You can compliment the afternoon session with JEI Learning as well.

JEI Summer Camp

Summer Camp - If your child is at least 2.5 years or older, we encourage you to explore JEI Summer Camp 2020.

Our tuition for part-time Peachtree students will be $110 per week payable on a bi-weekly basis in advance. You can pick and choose consecutive weeks to attend. Skip some weeks if you have grand parents in town! Part-time hours are from 9:00am-12:30pm. Capacity is limited.

Our tuition for full-time Peachtree students will be $235 per week payable on a bi-weekly basis in advance. Once again, you can pick and choose consecutive weeks to attend. Full-time hours are from 8:30am-06:00pm.

Regular Year - If your child is at least 3+ years old, we encourage you to explore JEI. Whereas, JEI is a separate location across from Peachtree on Rt 46, we can facilitate administering workbooks once a week at Peachtree while your child attends Peachtree. Please click here to visit

Regular Year - Peachtree Montessori collaborates with JEI Learning Center to provide academic excellence to young children located across from Peachtree Montessori on Rt 46. JEI Learning Center is a separate and individualized, supplemental education franchise. The JEI curriculum offers JEI Self-Learning Method, a self-paced, individualized program designed to help students in pre-kindergarten and above grades in learning math and language concepts step-by-step, aligned with Common Core State Standards. JEI Learning Center provides a diagnostic test and track record system that pinpoints fundamental strengths and weaknesses in subject comprehension. Using these results, specialized workbooks are assigned that focus on a scientific study method to address each student’s needs. JEI's internationally acclaimed method will help develop confidence in children with individually paced, step-by-step learning. Once children gain confidence and begin to enjoy learning independently, their potential grows exponentially.

COVID-19 Policies

We have implemented strict guidelines for health. Please click here to read our rulebook effective June 2020.

Late Payment

Payment is due by the 1st of each month. If payment is late by more than 1 business day late we will charge you a $35.00 late fee for the period. If payment is 5-10 business days late there will be a $75.00 late fee for the period. If payment is not received within 5 business days, we may terminate care, without notice. You will still be responsible to pay for the entire contractual period of 30 days. If you authorize ACH debits we will never charge late fee if we initiate the debit on a date later than 1st of the month. If ACH fails, we will charge you a bounce fee of $35 plus late fee.

If payments obligations are not met when due, the parents are responsible for all collection, including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit is started as a part of the collection process.

Bounced Check / NSF

A fee of $35.00 will be imposed for a bounced check. In addition, late fee will apply per the schedule herein until your payment arrives. If you have authorized ACH debit and it fails because of NSF or closed account, we will charge you $35.00 for bounced ACH fee.


Parents can drop their child any time during the school hours for which they are registered. We may offer flexibility in switching hours based on your needs and our availability. Please consult with the director in advance of the requested change.


Our school is open only during the specified hours. We encourage parents to pick up their children on time. PLEASE NOTE THAT PICK UP FOR MOST PART-TIME STUDENTS IS BETWEEN NOON AND 12:30PM. We will impose a late pick up fee at $30/hr for the first half hour and $60/hr thereafter. Please also note that we will not allow anyone other than parents or other authorized persons to pick up their child. Grand parents or other relatives must be on parent-approved list for pick ups.

Local Transportation

Parents are encouraged to talk to the local public schools in Parsippany to arrange for transportation from local schools to Peachtree Montessori for after-school care of their children. They will likely accommodate you for our locations.

Holidays & Weather

Our school is closed on all major holidays, specially when local municipality or local public schools are closed. In addition, we may close school from time to time during inclement weather conditions for the safety of our staff, parents and children.

Personal Belongings

Parents must label all materials they send with their children. Please do not send toys with your child. Please do not send any food items with peanuts and/or pine nuts. All food items not consumed during the day will be disposed. We have refrigerators in the facility. Please keep your perishable food items in the refrigerator.

Parent Conferences

Although we will have regularly scheduled parent teacher conferences, we are available to meet with parents throughout the year. Please contact the director in advance to ensure we make ourselves available at a convenient time for you.


We require complete immunization history records from your doctor's office. They are required to be updated periodically.


If any child displays any of the following symptoms, we require that the child be picked up within 1 hour. Once the symptoms or fever have subsided for a period of at least 24 hours, the child may then return to the school. We reserve the right to request a written statement from the child’s doctor to ensure the child’s illness is no longer a threat to other children in the school. 1) Fever of 100 degrees or above, under the arm. 2) Diarrhea or vomiting two or more times in the same day. 3) Difficult or rapid breathing. 4) Yellowish skin or eyes. 5) Pink eye. 6) Skin rash that had not been identified in writing by the child’s doctor. 7) Evidence of head lice or any other parasitic infection. 8) Sore throat or difficulty swallowing. 9) Other sickness that may be deemed contagious. Children who develop these symptoms while in the school, will be isolated in the office, under the supervision of an adult, until the parent arrives to pick the child up. Should any type of medication need to be administered by our staff, the parent will need to fill out a medication form, bring the medicine in the original container, make sure that it is age and weight appropriate for that child, and that it is not expired.

Waiting List

A waiting list is maintained and used to fill vacancies. While on the waiting list parents will receive periodic updates on the status of any current and anticipated openings. When an opening becomes available, families on the waiting list may be notified. Priority will be given to siblings of children already enrolled and families whose child care schedule most closely fits the available opening or on first come first served basis.


We reserve the right to terminate care in circumstances where we deem it is necessary to do so for any reason. Some examples include, among others: (a) parents do not pay their tuition on a timely basis, (b) behavioral issues with the child, (c) repeated late pick-ups by parents or authorized people even if parents pay the late pick-up fee, (d) child in need of special care (we are not equipped for special needs) and (e) other reasons not posted herein but as we deem necessary.
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