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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Program Highlights

Our Summer Camp program is for ages 2 weeks to 9 years. Note that we accept infants only in at Beverwyck Rd. location. Children spend the time in a structured way from being indoors to going outdoors. Our 2 locations allow children to have real fun in summer. From time to time, we may decide to shift the emphasis from outdoor fun activities to indoor relaxing time. We will offer academics to older kids who want to be ahead of their grade when the schools open in Fall. Based on the demand, we may also offer a foreign language introduction to the children. The Summer Camp curriculum includes the following highlights, among others:

Montessori methods

Science, nature and technology

Academics - phonics, mathematics

Field trips

Petting zoo

Other activities such as:

Planting a vegetable garden, music, science experiments, etc.

Our fenced playgrounds at both locations offer equipment that encourages exercise, coordination, and group fun. Developing large muscle skills, eye-hand coordination, balance, and flexibility are the aims behind the activities, but to the summer campers, it's just plain fun! Children benefit by learning how to get along with others, develop some of their own "rules" for play and have plenty of time to socialize within a group.

Your child will go to the field to play some familiar sports and perhaps learn some new ones. And yes, we have plenty of space to play. From time to time, we’ll teach the rules of the games and the importance of good team playing.

Your child will enjoy the small petting zoo of domesticated animals that we will occasionally bring from outside. It will help them learn all about the beautiful animals in the world.
The arts and crafts program is always probably amongst kids. Projects are selected for individual age groups to challenge the imagination and develop critical skills such as cutting, pasting, and painting. Summer campers love to design their own T-shirts or handmade puppets. Each artist is proud to bring home their own personally created items.
Children who attend the full-day camp session and who are four years old or older may participate in various field trips throughout the summer. In the past we have taken the campers to local minature golf programs, bowling alleys, museums, zinc mine, and other local attractions. We have been visited by petting zoos, pony rides, clowns, magicians, and other performers and presenters. All summer campers are included in these many of these events.
Your children will experience some nature. They may be planting their own garden and watching it grow or learn about the importance of recycling and taking care of our natural resources. The children will wait days, in awe, to see plants grow and butterflies emerge from their cocoon or learn about exotic animals that would come to visit the center. We will conduct experiments on the five senses, the food chain, or any number of other topics. Curiosity and discovery are the theme!
Technology is ubiquitous! Desktops, laptops, phones and tablets have become an important part of our daily life. But how does the technology work in these devices? Peachtree tackles these mysteries with your child as your child explores the various uses and the basics of technology. Introduction to basic computer skills is just the beginning for our summer campers. Older children will continuously learn the parts and functions of the computer throughout the year as part of the day school curriculum. They will have time to use our carefully selected software and games to reinforce basic early childhood learning skills in colors, numbers and letters, and much, much more! They will have a great time while practicing the fundamentals of computing.

What is technology?

Types of devices and their functions

History of computers

How does a computer work?

More to come...(Summer Camp only for older children)

Upcoming Events

July 2, 2020

Independence Day

We will celebrate Independence Day with lots of fun.

July 24, 2020

Just Fun Day

Just Fun Day!

August 7, 2020

Parents Day - Pot Luck

We will invite all parents to meet with each other and share their cooking. Each parent will be asked to bring something to eat. We will request parents to cook rather than buy pre-prepared meals. Let's teach kids that home cooking means healthy food!

Can you identify the music?

Guest staff for Peachtree Montessori

Dance Instructor Max 15 Students at a time

The dance instructor will provide group lessons to children during certain times of the day.


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